About Me

I’m currently working as a Hardware Systems Engineer for Meta. I’ve worked in the tech sector in a varity of positions: from software engineer to CTO.

I’ve been a founder twice. Once for SIM, a now defunct startup doing computer vision applied to materials science. The second time for Pillar, an Ethereum wallet.

Computer vision was a big thing at some point of my career. I’ve worked for a couple years on SPRING, an open source GIS with great image processing features. I’ve also done a stint working with biometrics, fingerprints in particular. I have been out of the ML game for a while, but I’m currently enrolled in the Cognitive Systems MSc from the OUC.

I’ve wrote a bunch of blockchain-related stuff at some point. I’m no longer interested in the space.

I’m occasionally contacted for freelance consulting. I don’t have bandwidth to handle those anymore.


I’ve published a few times in the past. A full list is available on my ResearchGate profile.

Contact Me

I’m available at vitor@vitorpy.com.